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Paul Newman Sandra Kennedy Bob Stump Join Arizona Corporation Commission

All three new commissioners are elected by an experienced office. Kennedy was also welcomed, as the first black woman elected to Statewide office. Kennedy served 12 years in Arizona Legislature. Democrats Paul Newman and Sandra Kennedy and Republican Bob Stump were sworn in four years and are always ready to strike a rapid that the Commission will select a new president Tuesday, and holding open meetings next week. The Arizona Corporation Commission seated three new regulators Monday called for cooperation to help businesses and ratepayers. It marks a return to a bipartisan commission, which hasn t seen seated a Democrat in more than 10 years. Stump just finished a period of six years of experience in the Legislature, Newman served as a supervisor in Cochise County, and in the Legislature. They have ideas on what to bring to the Commission and as a blend with Commissioners Kris Mayes and Gary Pierce. The new lineup also marks a return of representation from southern Arizona with Newman, who lives in Bisbee and hopes to spend part of his time working in an office in Tucson.
13.1.09 16:15

Sarah Palin Is Right This Time

He has a leg to stand on. The media standard for Palin was designed to make her look like a Rube time and his embarrassment every time. MarketWatch) Sarah Palin, who has often criticized the press body during the presidential campaign last fall, is another gripe about the media. In the process, the press has no compunction to make public the data Palin children, that it is not right. The Alaska governor, who has become a punching bag for the media, has a fair point about the way we have apparently set up a double standard to cover his children and those of President-elect Barack Obama. This time, there is a twist.
13.1.09 16:15

Tana Ramsay Puts Husband Gordon On A Tight La Leash

But it seems Tana Ramsay, 34, who had loyally by her husband, isn t ready to take every opportunity. They put on a united front of their marriage was rocked last November, says that TV chef Gordon Ramsay had been cheating with professional mistress Sarah Symonds. My spies say Stateside mother of four Tana is preparing to leave the couples brood at home in south London to join Gordon, 42, a Los Angeles in which he is shooting a new series of Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.
13.1.09 16:15

Jacko Loves Michael Jackson

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? Well, after several reminders thumbing through books of art, 50 years, Jackson ambled its way to counter with its Visionary: The Complete Singles Collection.A disc 20-set that covers his entire solo career.. King of Pop Michael Jackson recently paid a visit to a store in Hollywood, wearing his signature Lawrence of Arabia headgear and sunglasses with a hospital mask.
13.1.09 16:15

Miley Cyrus And Taylor Swift Share Jonas Brothers Bond

For Taylor, it was Joe Jonas, 19, who left his model Camilla Belle.. Their friendship is based on the common bond of being dumped from one of Jonas Brother. For Miley, was the youngest brother, Nick Jonas, 16, who broke his heart. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus have become friends.
13.1.09 16:15

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