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Paul Newman Sandra Kennedy Bob Stump Join Arizona Corporation Commission

All three new commissioners are elected by an experienced office. Kennedy was also welcomed, as the first black woman elected to Statewide office. Kennedy served 12 years in Arizona Legislature. Democrats Paul Newman and Sandra Kennedy and Republican Bob Stump were sworn in four years and are always ready to strike a rapid that the Commission will select a new president Tuesday, and holding open meetings next week. The Arizona Corporation Commission seated three new regulators Monday called for cooperation to help businesses and ratepayers. It marks a return to a bipartisan commission, which hasn t seen seated a Democrat in more than 10 years. Stump just finished a period of six years of experience in the Legislature, Newman served as a supervisor in Cochise County, and in the Legislature. They have ideas on what to bring to the Commission and as a blend with Commissioners Kris Mayes and Gary Pierce. The new lineup also marks a return of representation from southern Arizona with Newman, who lives in Bisbee and hopes to spend part of his time working in an office in Tucson.
13.1.09 16:15

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